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Other Business Consulting Services of CFO Solutions-NW, LLC

How Business Consulting Can Help You

  • Are you experiencing explosive growth that feels out of control?
  • Are you wondering why your cash flow isn’t at the level you need it to be at?
  • Do you want better financial guidance but don’t feel quite ready to hire a full-time CFO?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you and your company are going through a financial transition, with all the challenges and risks that accompany such dramatic changes. We deliver guidance and solutions that have proven successful in helping others overcome their financial management problems. We can help you build sustainable profitability in today’s tough economy.

Why Now?

  • You have a new business opportunity, but you aren’t certain if it is the right financial decision for you. We can assist you with the analysis and provide an Opinion of Value for the company.
  • Your sales volume has decreased, making cash flow tighter. You need to determine where you can save on your cost structure and overhead.
  • Your bank is displeased with your financial reports. As a result, your bankers have become unsure of your credit worthiness and are unwilling to extend your credit relationships.
  • Your sales are up, but your cash flow is weak. Customers don’t seem to be paying promptly. Consequently, you are struggling to make payments on your monthly obligations.
  • When you ask your managers questions about the profitability of their area, current status of inventories, or receivables, you get unclear or vague responses. Because of this, you don’t know exactly how your business is making money and you have no basis on which to make important management decisions.

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